Preparing for Postpartum Adjustment: Small group series


Think of this small group program as mental health bootcamp for pregnancy.

Join Dr. Jillian Satin for a 4 week-series that will help prepare you for your adjustment to motherhood. Whether you’re looking to improve your coping now or in postpartum, this mix of cognitive behavioural therapy skills and real talk will help.

Topics include:

  • Understanding common postpartum mood and anxiety challenges

  • Preventing and managing low mood

  • Coping with stress and anxiety

  • Making the most out of social support

  • Letting go of expectations and ‘mom guilt’

The program is suitable for pregnant women in their second and third trimester. Participants do not have to be first time moms (veteran moms are welcome too). If you want to set yourself up for a successful transition, get in touch and register!

Dates: November/December. The time and dates will be determined to meet the needs of group members once the group is formed. Each session is 1 hour and 15 minutes and will run during daytime hours (likely between 10am-1pm).

Cost: The cost is $250 (no additional taxes) for the 4 week program. The program can be claimed as a psychological service under extended health benefits or as a tax deductible medical expense.

Contact for more information or to secure your spot.